Hello! If you are reading this, you are probably the first person to do so (besides myself), so give yourself a pat on the back. I'm a Newgrounds Newbie and will be using this portal to submit my artwork (perhaps even other things) for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure) and will await your generous feedback while I sit back sweating profusely staring at the monitor.

A couple things I'de like to share about myself is I'm a graduate with a 3 year Advanced Diploma in Animation and Digital Arts who is looking to find self worth and the meaning to life through my artwork and animations. I am well aware that an important aspect to growth and improvement are critiques and if you are experienced in either of these forms of digital media than please, PLEASE, leave a comment on what you like and dislike so that I can improve :)

That's it for my first post! Thanks for reading and... uh... chicken salad sandwiches (I'm awful with closure).

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